It all started when…

In 1989, CNN founder Ted Turner and world-renowned documentary filmmaker Barbara Pyle together conceived the animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers to raise a generation’s global awareness and environmental literacy.  In 1990, the world’s first edutainment eco-toon launched to worldwide acclaim and rockets to the top of the charts, inspiring youth around the world of how they could make a difference, Pyle serving as Executive Producer.

Pyle is approached daily by fans of Captain Planet and the Planeteers who describe the series’ impact on their life decisions. In 2009, she began investigating how she could connect these Planeteers using the new tools of the Internet.

With the help of dedicated volunteers, Pyle put the the tools and resources in place for the Movement’s conception and development. Pyle continues to attend high-level conferences, host meetups, and introduce real-life Planeteers to each other to sustain the exponential growth and momentum of the Movement.

The Planeteer Movement continues to grow exponentially, with thousands of new members and over 50 networks worldwide.